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Arran de la guia de turisme ornitologic, m'escriu aquest senyor que demana si conec algun guia o companyia que els pugui acompanyar a visitar llocs dels que surten al llibre, ja que diu que l'any passat se'l va passar senser a s'Albufera:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was wondering whether you could suggest any company or individual who would offer bird tours around Mallorca in October.

I was over on holiday at old town Alcudia earlier this year and spent nearly the entire holiday at the S'Albufera Natural Park where I purchased your excellent book.  I would love to see more of the birding sites suggested in the book but would like to do this with a guide who knows the local area and best spots to visit.  If you could suggest anyone I would be very grateful, I am quite happy to pay whatever the going rate is but would just appreciate the expertise of local knowledge.

Many Thanks

Chris Martin

Algu sap qui li podria ajudar? Sabeu algu que es dediqui o es pugui dedicar?

Josep Manchado

Re: Guia d'excursions ornitologiques.

Hola Josep,
Si encara cerques guia, pose't en contacte en mi,
Tel: 695518993
Andrés Mas

Re: Guia d'excursions ornitologiques.

Tl correcte: 605518993


Re: Guia d'excursions ornitologiques.

D'acord, passa'm el teu correu per privat i et dono el contacte d'aquest angles.

Josep Manchado

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Re: Guia d'excursions ornitologiques.

Ornithological tourism is in vogue. Many amateurs travel around the world looking for the best places for bird watching, an activity that combines a love of nature with beautiful landscapes. In recent years, the Balearic Islands' natural parks have become a popular destination for bird lovers. It is one of the marivilla of What to see and do in Mallorca. You can find a guide perfectly in English as their languages are Spanish and Catalan.