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Renegade Meta Pro The first digit is the number of repetitions, the second is the number of repetitions, the hyphen is from and to the choice. We do not recommend performing a wrestling bridge, so Training 2 is at your discretion and in the absence of problems with the spine. Otherwise, in training the neck, it is enough to perform the complex When working on your pectoral muscles, you probably want to make them not only strong, but also effective. After acquiring the initial experience of training the pectoral muscles, for most trainees, the requirements for the expected result begin to grow and questions often arise: how to pump up the lower part of the pectoral muscles or how to cut the chest. As a rule, such questions are asked by beginners at the very beginning of training, without even increasing their pectoral muscles in volume. Since more experienced athletes already know that the chest is one big muscle, and without the total mass of the chest, the lower part of the pectoral muscles cannot be seen. Moreover, in practice, in most cases, the lower chest grows well during basic breast training. It is difficult to meet a person with developed pectoral muscles, but the lack of a lower chest. Therefore, if your training experience is small, and the pectoral muscles are even smaller, you should not think about how to train the lower chest, develop the total mass of the chest. In bodybuilding, it is customary to divide the chest into three bundles: upper, middle and lower, while the main mass of the pectoral muscle is precisely the upper bundle. Accordingly, you should start to make your breasts more effective with the overall development of heavy and an accentuated study of the upper chest. The lines written above are directly related to beginner athletes, but what if you have at least a year of classes behind you, the cherished 100 shakes and the chest from the plywood sheet turned into two convex layers of muscle?



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