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The Balearic Ornithological Group, GOB

Since the mid twentieth century, many areas of Mallorca have undergone a dramatic change due to tourist development. Yet, many areas have escaped from this process and can be enjoyed by the local population and visitors. Albufera, Cabrera archipelago, Dragonera Island, Albufereta, the Tramuntana and Artà mountains and many other sites are now protected and their great natural and cultural values guaranteed for future generations.

One of the main actors in the preservation of biodiversity in the Balearic Islands has been the GOB, the Balearic Ornithological and Nature Conservation Group. The GOB was created in 1973 and it is the main local conservation NGO and one of the strongest within Spain. With the support of some 5000 members from the Balearics, mainland Spain and also abroad, the GOB has achieved the development of large environmental education programmes and a strong public awareness among the local population and decision makers. This has led to the protection of the aforementioned natural areas, among many others, and to the development of successful conservation projects of key species including the Black vulture, the Red kite and the Osprey. GOB ornithologists carry out numerous ornithological research and monitoring projects through ringing campaigns and surveys. Many of the results of these projects are published in its annual scientific journal, the Balearic Bird Report (published since 1986) and in the dissemination magazine “Es Busqueret”.

Currently GOB devotes great efforts to two projects addressing the conservation of the Red kite and the Osprey, both considered critically endangered in the Balearic Islands due to their small populations. Beginning in 2000 for the Red kite and in 2008 for the Osprey, GOB has carried out censuses, bird ringing and tagging, radio and satellite tracking and the identification and assessment of threats. These actions have increased the knowledge of the biology, distribution, population size and migratory movements of both species and have led to further conservation measure proposals.

In 1980, the GOB purchased La Trapa, an area of outstanding beauty and great natural and historical value in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. La Trapa is the first private nature reserve in Mallorca; it is open to the public and for many years has been managed with the support of a large group of volunteers who regularly undertake conservation, restoration and management tasks. Many other volunteers contribute to the work of GOB by supporting the day to day running of the organisation in addition to helping with numerous environmental campaigns, events, projects and training courses.

In existence for over 40 years, the GOB has become a very strong and prestigious conservation organization and the lead in all matters relating to bird, nature conservation and environmental issues in the Balearic Islands.



Anuari Ornitològic de les Balears (1997-2014, in Catalan, with English abstracts)

Balearic Bird Report 2014 (complete English version of the Anuari Ornitològic de les Balears 2014)

Es Busqueret (magazine, in Catalan)


Support us

You can support GOB’s conservation projects and activities by making a donation or becoming a member.

Making a donation

Our projects and campaigns need financial support from members and supporters. You can easily and quickly make a donation through a Paypal account, credit card (via Paypal) or by bank transfer.

Paypal or credit card

Bank transfer

Please indicate your complete name, passport number and specify “Donation” in the subject/concept. You can make your bank transfer to our bank account:

Colonya Caixa Pollença 2056-0004-44-4114001205 (ethical banking account)

Please remember that if you are a taxpayer in Spain, 25% of your donation is deductible from your income tax.

Becoming a member

Membership is at the basis of GOB’s strength to carry out actions and campaigns for the protection of the countryside, natural areas, biodiversity and the environment of the Balearic Islands. Our 5000 members provide social prestige, strength and independence to GOB. To strengthen even more our public impact and to make progress towards our goals we need the support of more members. The involvement OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU is essential to carry out GOB’s projects and campaigns with sufficient financial independence. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

We remind you that the GOB receives no public or private assistance –apart from members– for our campaigns.

From only £1.25 a month

The membership fees are different depending on the type of member. The fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. You can pay your membership online by Direct Debit, but if you prefer to pay in another way, please contact us: recursos@gobmallorca.com.

Individual member
Under 18 years old: £1.25 per month (£15 per year).
From 18 to 23 y/o: £2.50 per month (£30 per year).
Older than 23 y/o: £3.75 per month (£45 per year).

Family member
One adult + children: £4.5 per month (£54 per year).
Two adults + children: £7.50 per month (£90 per year).

Sponsor company or organization
Type 1: £130 per year
Type 2: £260 per year

Friend member
You can choose how much you give and how often (monthly, quarterly or annually).

What does GOB do with my money?

The GOB allocates the entire contributions to developing campaigns for land protection and to conservation, ornithology, environmental education and public awareness projects. The organization performs an annual audit to ensure transparency and accuracy in the use of funds received. Information on the accounts can be found in the annual report.

What are the advantages of being a member GOB?

In addition to supporting the organization, being a member of the GOB gives you certain advantages:
• You will have priority and discounts on our courses, guided tours and activities.
• A number of companies offer discounts to members of the GOB.
• Access to our Environmental Documentation Centre: library specialized in ornithology, conservation and environment with loan service, reading room, video library, etc.
• Attend and vote at the General Meetings where board members are elected, the activities are reported and debated and you can express your opinions and suggestions.
• If you are a taxpayer in Spain, 25% of your fees is deductible from your income tax.
• We will keep you informed of our campaigns, activities, volunteering, training, etc. To receive our newsletter (in Catalan) click here.

For any further information or to become a member, please contact us at: recursos@gobmallorca.com or +34 971 496060.

Thanks very much for your support!



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