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Balearic Bird Report 2015


Volume 30, 2015 



MAS, R., CARDONA, E., DE PABLO, F., & MAYOL, J. The breeding population of Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis in the Balearics, April 2015.

NICOLL, S. Recent European Robin Erithacus rubecula colonization in Mallorca and Menorca.


Brief notes

SOLÀ, J., BLASCO, P., NEGRE, N., LEZA, M., & PUIG, M.First finding in Mallorca of a Horseshoe whip snake Hemorrhois hippocrepis in the stomach contents of a Grey Heron Ardea cinerea

MUNTANER, J., & REUS, M.A. Recent colonization in Mallorca of Common Buzzard Buteo buteo.

MANCHADO, J., MÉNDEZ, X., SUÁREZ, M., & CARDONA, E. Winter census in the Balearics of waterfowl, waders and gulls, January 2016



LÓPEZ-JURADO, C., GONZÁLEZ, J.M., SUNYER, J.R., REBASSA, M., MÉNDEZ, X. & MUNTANER, J. Rare birds in Balearics in 2015

LÓPEZ-JURADO, C., GONZÁLEZ, J.M., HINCKLEY, D., MARTÍNEZ, O. & PONS, M. Ornithological highlights in 2015

Book reviews. (Omitted. Available in Catalan in original AOB)

Annex I: Meteorological summary. (Omitted. Available in Catalan in original AOB)

Annex II: Status of the Balearic birdlife

Annex III: List of raritiesMÉNDEZ, X. European Bee-eater Merops apiaster nesting on the island of Menorca, 2012-2013.


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