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Balearic Bird Report 2018


Volume 33, 2018



Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola migration in the Balearics
Miguélez, D., i Zumalacárregui, C.


Brief notes

First possible hybrid between Egretta garzetta x Bubulcus ibis in the Balearics.
Knoop, p. vD.

First two records of a Red-flanked Bluetail Tarsiger cyanurus in the Balearics.

Fiol, C., Manchado, J., i Mateu, J.

Winter census in the Balearics of waterfowl, waders and gulls, January 2019.
Muntaner, J., Méndez, X., Suárez, M., i Cardona, E.

Birdlife status of the Cabrera archipelago.
González, J.M. i López-Jurado, C.



Rare birds in Balearics in 2018.
López-Jurado, C., Muntaner, J., Nicoll, S., McMinn, M., González, J.M., i Triay, R.

Ornithological developments in 2018.
López-Jurado, C., González, J.M., Hinckley, D., Riera, X., Capó, J., i Florit, J.



Sightings of cetaceans in Balearic waters in 2018
Vera Villalonga, M.J. i López-Jurado, C.



n/a Book reviews. (Available in Catalan in original AOB)
n/a Annex I: Meteorological summary. (Available in Catalan in original AOB)
Annex II: Status of the Balearic birdlife
Annex III: List of rarities


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